Airfield Info

Chiltern Park Radio: 134:025Mhz

Position: N51°33.12 W001°06.02

Altitude: 180 ft AMSL

Glider Pilots: We are happy to see you but please use the radio

Runways: Grass – 04 LH / 22 RH 700m;  15 LH / 33 RH 500m

After Landing:Unless in an emergency all recreational aircraft should land on 04 LH / 22 RH. After landing all recreational aircraft are to back track the runway and park adjacent to the road at the ‘B’ Bravo Marker.

PPR: Landing is STRICTLY PPR especially on parachuting days: Please call 07739 802 010

Circuits: 700ft QFE to the west for 04/22 and to the north for 15/33

Circuit Instructions: No dead side – down wind or circuit joins only

Notes: The airfield is situated 3½ NM south of RAF Benson and is within the MATZ. It is advisable to call zone frequency 120:90Mhz 5 miles out, after making contact you can then request a change to ‘Chiltern Air Park’. If Benson fixed-wing traffic are using R/W 01 expect A/C to overfly close by Chiltern Air Park at any height

Operational Hrs : Monday – Sunday VFR

Radio: A/G  ‘Chiltern Radio’ 134:025Mhz (make blind calls if no returns)

Location: Oxford 13 miles to N/W; Reading 7 miles to S/E; Main road 500m, A4074; Nearest town – Wallingford 4 miles

Landing Fees: Gyroplanes and Microlights – £5.00; GA, Helicopters and Gliders – £10.00 (includes recovery tug)

Aerodrome Manager and PPR: Dennis Pearson – 07739 802 010

Drop Zone Manager: Martin Harris 07817 216 363

CFI: Hal Colliver – 07796 172 963

Aerodrome Plate: Coming soon

Aerodrome Photos: