Wing Walking Experience (Deposit)


Wing walking is an intense flying experience lasting around 10 minutes. Your family and friends can all watch in admiration and take lots of pictures as you stand on the wing of a 1940s Boeing Stearman Biplane whilst it does a full aerobatic display. You will complete a variety of flypasts and manoeuvres with the highlight being a dive from 500ft and a 'Zoom Climb' with a final 'Run and Break' before landing.

Please note: We will only take a deposit now (£50) and the amount outstanding (£350) will be payable on the day. 

The Day

All participants will receive a thorough pre-flight briefing explaining the equipment we use, breathing techniques to help make your flight more enjoyable and the hand signals we use to communicate. Your flight as a Wing Walker will take place in front of your amazed family and friends and if you don’t want to forget your experience you have the option to record your flight from a wing-mounted camera (this is an optional extra, priced from £20). After your flight you will receive a Certificate as confirmation of your Wing Walk Experience. Please be prepared to spend up to an hour at the airfield.


Please note that it is a condition of CAA approval that you must be fully aware that Wing Walking carries a higher risk than a normal commercial flight (e.g when you fly on holiday). We will brief you clearly on the risks that have been identified and how they have been mitigated to make the experience as safe as possible. You will receive an in depth briefing on the day of your flight and have the opportunity to ask any questions before signing a risk acceptance and confirmation of briefing.


  • Weight restrictions apply, participants must be under 77kg (12 stone 2lbs).
  • Able to climb up the aircraft to the top wing where the rig is fixed (about 10 feet), without a ladder.  You will need enough strength in your legs, and mobility to climb, and at one point, kneel to reach the harness on the top wing.
  • Able to withstand the wind pressures of over 100mph whilst flying.
  • Minimum age 16 years – if older than 65 requirement of a Doctor’s signature confirming your fitness to fly on top of the wing.
  • Are fit and well in line with our terms and conditions.
  • Blindness or deafness is no barrier to wing walking.

We reserve the right to cancel a flight on the day should the pilot judge that the criteria of fitness has not been met by the wingwalking participant, or that the weather conditions are not suitable for flying.