Staff Profiles

Dennis and Julie Pearson

Chiltern Airports is a family business, owned and operated by Dennis and Julie Pearson.  Whilst Dennis handles the flying and operational side of the airfield, Julie is not far away, handling the huge task of administration and generally keeping everyone organised.  Both are extreme multi-taskers, handling everything from hands on flying to cutting the grass.  Look out for them both at the airfield, as they can be spotted most days, and are always keen to see new faces around the airfield.

Hal Colliver

Hal is Chiltern Airports Chief Flying Instructor (CFI).  Handling all of the flight training and recurrency for fixed wing aircraft makes Hal an extremely busy man.  He certainly has the skills when it comes to teaching flying, and no matter what learning style you prefer, he can adapt to make your flight training the best it can be.  Flying lessons are relaxed and at your own pace with Hal, and he is always keen to get anyone in the air to experience “his office in the skies”.